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Windows desktop version no longer available


DMEFree is a "feature rich" DME Billing Program costing thousands less than the 'big' systems. The main difference is that all claim billing is done by PC Solutions at our DMERC approved Clearinghouse! DMEFree is 100% electronic billing!

Windows Based - resides on your computer.

You maintain your claims, transactions and data at your location, all we receive are your claims to be billed. We transmit your Medicare claims, Medicaid Bluecross and commercial payers.  Then you transmit claims to PCSolutions via Secure Web Upload.


Here are the facts!


PC Solutions realized that not every business wants to purchase and maintain it's own software. Medicare's software is too limiting and the big DME software costs too much!  Billing services charges are high and you don't have your data handy. 

So our $300.00 DMEFree program lets you have the best of both worlds. A quality multi-user DME management system and no software costs!

Here's what you get: DMEFree Software only costs $300.00 and can handle data storage of patient, doctors, diagnosis, claim and item file entry & retention. Rental tracking, Prints Invoice, Deliver sheet and Cmn's.


Other features include: $.75 per claim for claims sent to Medicare or insurance carriers (20 claim a month minimum charge).  $1.00 for Paper claims printed as 1500 forms and mailed to insurance carrier (optionally at providers request). All transactions/payments are purchased on a major credit card.

DMEFreeplus on the Web

(ie in the cloud)


DMEFreeWEB is our web based Medicare billing system. 


Everyday we receive phone calls from small to medium size DME, Pharmacy and Physicians looking for a fast easy way to submit claims to Medicare, BlueCross, Medicaid and Commerical Insurance payers.

Providers want no software, no commitments and no headaches just a simple way to enter claims, submit and receive reports showing claim status. That is exactly what DMEFreeWeb offers.


Once you sign up, we provide you with any enrollment forms if needed, once you are setup, simply enter claims and submit. All for only $.75 per claim, no startup fees, no contracts, no software expense just good business.


With DMEFreeweb interface we can now offer claim submission for both DME and Professional Medical providers.  We are so sure you will love DMEFreeWeb - Simpleclaims, give it a try now! click on the   LIVE DEMOS button.

*the fine print -$.75¢ per claim , a claim is equal to a 1500 form ie one patient upto 6 procedures. You are only charged if our clearinghouse accepts the claim and forwards to the payer. There is a 20 claim a month minimum per account. Therefore if you do under 20 claims a month you will be charged $15.00.  Annual support and license is $300.00 per year upto 2 hours support

  • only 75 cents per electronic claim!  Electronic claims get paid in days not months!

  • Medicare, Medicaids, Blues + over 2000 commercial payers  Search

  • Windows / Network Version

  • Cloud Web - Mobile / Desktop Version

  • 5010 / ICD-10 compatible claims